A Restored 1900 Train Station

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House Made Pasta

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The Windsor Station Restaurant will be opening for TAKE OUT on THURSDAY, JUNE 4! CALL: 802-674-4180 or Order Online

TO-GO HOURS: 4PM - 9PM • Thursday-Sunday

The Historic Windsor Train Station in Windsor, VT offers CRAFT BEER, COCKTAILS and FRESH VT FOOD to our patrons.
The AMTRAK TRAIN arrives daily at 11:30 am and 6:30 pm. Delight in this whimsical setting and enjoy our delicious offerings.

COVID-19 Safety Protocols

Please be advised that all staff members of Windsor Station have completed a state issued certification on safety standards for our restaurant.  We assure you that we comply with all protocols with regard to your safety, as well as, our own safety the handling of all transactions. We will provide you with a safe and […]

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How The Windsor Station came to be…

About Thew Windsor Station

It was in June of 1777, that 72 delegates met at the Windsor tavern of Elijah West to discuss statehood and draft a constitution. Groundbreaking for its time, it prohibited slavery, mandated universal manhood suffrage without restrictions, and established a public school system. Vermont existed as an independent republic until 1791 when it became the […]

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Available For Curb-Side Pick-Up


Available For Curb-Side Pick-Up

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