Windsor Station VT_107w
Each featuring our local Vermont Spirits and a story

Burning Embers Swedish style vodka with herbs and spices, Dunc’s Mill Maple Rum Apricot Juice, Corina’s Swtichy, Alice and the Magician Autumn Bonfire Cocktail Aromatic   
In 1964, Tenney, burned his Ascutney farmhouse and barns and took his own life after the state was seizing his property to make way for construction of Interstate 91.

Smugglers Notch Hopped Gin , Solerno Blood Orange Liqueur, grapefruit juice, basil simple syrup, Metcalfe’s Raspberry Liqueur in a Martini  
Murdered in the early hours of Nov 7, 1926, an executive at Windsor’s Cone Automotive. Wounds to her face were so severe,  they removed her head, preserved it in a jar and put it on display as evidence. Cecelia watched her own murder trial.

Smugglers’ Notch Bourbon , Muddled Oranges, Rosemary Simple Syrup, orange bitters, Alice & the Magician Rosemary & Honey Cocktail Aromatic  
Virgil is our self proclaimed station ghost

ISAAC GREEN                   
A classic Sazerac with Whistle Pig Rye Whiskey , Peychaud and Angostura bitters,  absinthe, lemon twist 
Isaac built and opened the Old Apothecary Shop in Windsor in 1804

Green Mountain Organic Gin, dry vermouth, house made pickled vegetable juice, martini garnished with a pickled vegetable pick. 
Elijah owned the old Windsor Tavern in 1777 where 72 delegates met to form the Republic of Vermont

Silo Vodka, dilly bean juice, V8, cracked pepper, sriracha, dilly beans     
In 1905 after being convicted in the  murder of her husband, Mary Rogers became the last woman hung in the Windsor  Prison Gallows.

Silo Lavender Vodka, Metcalfe’s Blueberry Liqueur,Ginger Sumptuous Syrup, peach juice, red wine,  aphrodite bitters, Alice and the Magician Violet Leaf Extract  
spectacularly imaginative artist in the 19oos who’s train pulled into this station many times bringing him home to Cornish. Views of Windsor and  Mt Ascutney inspired much of his famous work.

Green Mountain Organic Orange Vodka (Stowe) with Guava Juice and a  splash of Pomegranate juice.  10
AKA JC Taylor Carter, VP and 2019 JP Larkin club champion,
a classy, fedora wearing time traveler from 1940’s who’s smooth operating dominates the hip millennial circuit.